Fox Denver Airport Limo Joins the Worldwide Party Host Network of Moving Offices Los Angeles, Inc.

Moving Offices Los Angeles, Inc., the world’s leading name in commercial party hosting, is pleased to announce that Fox Denver Airport Limo (to see their primary website, click here) has joined our Worldwide Party Host Network.

They have agreed to open a new hub for us at Denver International Airport (DIA).

We already have more than a hundred hubs in the greater Denver metropolitan area, of course, including five out at the airport, but Fox Denver Airport Limo will give us a real boost to the whole area.

That’s because Fox Denver Airport Limo is such a forward-looking company. It is always up on the latest technology for having fun and starting parties, and with our support they will become even stronger than that.

We had been negotiating with Fox Denver Airport Limo for many months before we finally broke through and struck a mutually beneficial deal.

The company first came to our attention last January (2016) when Michael McPherson, our Director of Sales, flew to Denver to go on a ski vacation in the high Rockies.




The limousine company with which he had made a reservation in the end failed to show, and so Michael was stranded there in Denver. Therefore he had no choice but to do a quick internet search for a Denver limousine company, and he chanced to find the name Airport limo Denver 

He gave them a call, and within minutes there they were in a shiny black Chrysler 300 sedan.

Fox took Michael and his wife and two children up to Breckenridge, and during the course of that ride he realized that he had made a real find.

The chauffeur had impeccable manners, knew all the roads like the back of his hand, and was a fountain of knowledge about the history of the areas the limousine passed through on the way up to Brekenridge.

As soon as Michael got back to Los Angeles from his ski trip, he called the president of Fox Denver Airport Limo, and that was when the negotiations began.

And now at last, after many months, the negotiations are finished and Fox Denver Airport Limois the latest addition to our worldwide Party Host Network.

Let’s all give them a hearty “Welcome aboard, friends!”